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Bee Nucs

Bee Nucs

Nucleus Colonies, also known as Nucs, are small honeybee colonies created from a larger colony. They are made by dividing existing colonies in the spring. Each nuc is given a queen and sufficient time to establish its colony.

Nucs are available for preorder now and will be for local pickup only from Traverse City, Michigan or LaBelle, Florida. When you receive your nuc, it will have five frames with brood, honey, pollen, and space for expansion. There will be a laying queen and worker bees present. Nuc pickup will be in late spring every year.

The cost is $150 for 1-5 nucs or $145 for 6+ nucs.  $37.50 deposit is for ONE nuc; please add as many deposits to cart as nucs you need. $150 pay in full is for ONE nuc; add as many to cart as nucs you need. The total 25% deposit is non-refundable on ALL nuc orders, including pay in full option. Please take this into consideration before placing your order.

Once purchased, you will need to transfer the nuc into your own hives. Nuc boxes will need to be returned within 30 days. Deep box and 5 frames with foundation will be needed and are not provided.

Hilbert’s Honey Co. will not be held liable for the loss of bee life due to customer negligence. All sales of nucs are final and no refunds or returns will be available once nucs are in customer’s possession.

Reserve your nucs now! Quantities are limited and will sell out quickly! We appreciate your interest in our bees and thank you for your business.


  1. 25% Deposit - Traverse City, MI Pickup
  2. Pay In Full - Traverse City, MI Pickup
  3. 25% Deposit - Labelle, FL Pickup
  4. Pay In Full - Labelle, FL Pickup


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