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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does honey last? Forever? Maybe. Edible honey has been found in the tombs of Egypt. Still delicious and healthy after thousands of years.

Is it OK to eat honey that has crystallized? Yes, you can eat it as is or set it in a bowl of warm water to return it to a more liquid form. Honey is the only food that does not expire!

Can you eat honeycomb? Yes! Comb honey is the most natural and raw form of honey.  It undergoes no human pre-package processing. Every part of the honeycomb is edible, including the honey and the wax cells! It's easy to digest but be careful if you have braces as the little pieces of wax will be showing up for weeks!

Does Hilbert's sell raw honey? The term "raw" refers to how honey is processed. Honey inside its comb is the rawest honey as it has never been disturbed by humans or machinery. We do not add any other ingredients to your honey so you know that you are getting pure healthy honey every time you porder. Also, during or harvest we do not heat the honey to the point of losing any enzymes or other beneficial properties. We may warm the honey to allow it to flow easily. If honey is heated too long it can darken but will still sustain all of its original properties.

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