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"It is not about what the bees do for us.
It is about what we can do for the bees"
G. Hilbert

Hurricane Ian Recovery Efforts


FLORIDA BEEKEEPERS NEED YOUR HELP!! Together with Sadler Honey Farm, we at Bee-Haven are raising funds for the FSBA* (Florida State Beekeepers Assoc) to help commercial beekeepers who have suffered devastating hive losses. On September 28, Hurricane Ian landed in Southwest Florida and swept across our state. Thousands of hives have been washed away, flooded, and damaged. Honey houses and equipment losses are astronomical. Vegetation has been stripped bare, so bees are robbing and starving without supplementation. Brazilian Pepper trees are no exception, leaving us with a second failed honey crop this year. Pollination contracts will go unfilled, resulting in reduced crop yield, higher prices, and shortages at the produce stand in the coming months. This fund will be distributed to help replace and rebuild lost and damaged hives as quickly as possible. Please consider contributing today! We are STRONGER TOGETHER! ♥

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